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Mazda relaunches in South Africa with the all new Mazda 3

I think it was around 1993 I had my first ever “driving lesson” It was a school holiday in Cape Town, and we were visiting my Aunt, who decided we should climb into her sparkly shiny Mazda 323 and go for a lesson. Needless to say there were a couple of hair raising moments, but we survived. Thankfully.

I recall a number of memories in that Mazda and the other Mazda’s in my aunts family. Not sure if they had a bit of an obsession with the brand, but I can vividly recall about 3 or 4 Mazda vehicles in their family during that period.

It’s a brand that has been around for years, and is synonymous with South Africans. And earlier this month, the all new Mazda South Africa brand launched as an independant brand from Ford with the very cool looking Mazda 3. The car sports a number of exciting new features and is priced at a very affordable R232,900

Check out the new All New Mazda 3 TV ad which was produced in SA and takes us through some of the Mazda models from yesteryear.

So if you in the market for a new car, give the guys at Mazda a shout and give the All New Mazda 3 a test drive to see how this brand had lived on through the years. I’ve already booked mine to see how this awesome little car performs!

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