How to get Netflix on the Apple TV in South Africa


A few weeks ago the new Apple TV was announced and was recently launched in the US, and should be in SA soon. One of the cool features of the new Apple TV is that it integrates Siri into the device, as well as allowing you to watch & search for movies across a number of platforms including Netflix & Hulu as well as access to a whole host of other services.

Some of my favorite channels include HBO Go, WSJ & Red Bull TV (US). In fact check out the FULL list of channels you can get once you have signed up with UnoTelly. The best thing (for me) about the new Apple TV is that there are apps available for the device, which means a number of these TV channels will have their own apps on the Apple TV soon!

While Netflix hasn’t launched in SA (yet) it is still possible to get Netflix on the Apple TV quite simply. You still need to pay for it but at $8.99 a month it’s a bargain for the amount of content you can get!
There is a bit of a workaround to get it working in SA, but follow these simple steps and you should be up and running in no time :)

  1. First you’ll need to sign up for a service called UnoTelly. UnoTelly allows you to set up your devices to make it look like you in a specific country. In this instance you need to be able to look like you in America so you can sign up for Netflix.First you need to go to You can sign up for an 8 day free trial, after which the service will cost you $4.95 per month using Paypal or your Credit/Cheque card.
  2. Once you have setup Unotelly you will need to make a few changes to your Apple TV. This means changing your DNS, which is not as scary as it sounds. To do this follow the below steps
    1. On your Apple TV go to Settings -> General -> Network
    2. Select your current wifi/wired connection that you are connected to
    3. Go to “Configure DNS” and select Manual
    4. Change your DNS address to or one from UnoTelly Global Servers list based on your location
    5. You can go back to your home screen from here
  3. You now need to ensure Netflix is enabled on the Apple TV. There are 2 ways of doing this.
    Firstly, if you have a US iTunes account and have logged into your Apple TV with it, you should see the Netflix app on the home screen.
    If you don’t see it or don’t have a US iTunes Account, you can do the following:
    Go to Settings -> iTunes Store -> Location and change your location to “United States”
  4. Once you have Netflix Icon on the screen, you can go into it. You are also able to able to sign up for Netflix on a computer or iPad, but you will need to change your DNS using UnoTelly. You can follow the instructions for to change your DNS for your Operating System if you want to login from your PC or sign up using your PC.
    Once you have gone into Netflix you can select your subscription. I would recommend going for the 2 screen option ($8.99 a month)
    If you do sign up on your PC you can select to pay via credit/cheque card, otherwise it will come off of your US iTunes credit.Remember you can also sign up for HuluPlus and many of the other streaming service providers on the Apple TV

And that’s it. Quick and simple :) Although there are sometimes hiccups, I have found the help pages at UnoTelly have been super helpful with some of the questions I have had. I have been using Netflix for about a year now and absolutely love it!!