Apple Watch

How to get the Apple Watch on Discovery Vitality

A few weeks ago I treated myself to an early Christmas present with an awesome Apple Watch. I still have to do a full review which will come soon soon, but in the interim I found out about this amazing deal from Discovery where you can get the Apple Watch for almost “Free”.

The “Free” part comes in where you are monitored on your activity and are required to meet specific goals each week. The Apple Watch measures your activity and this is then reported back, via the Discovery App, to Discovery. If you miss the goals set by Discovery, you pay, based on how many you missed. Basically if you don’t reach your target every week in a month, you will pay in on a sliding scale. You will also need to pay a R350 once off fee before collecting your watch from an iStore.

A few things first that are a must have before you can apply for this deal:

  • First and foremost you need to have an iPhone (5 or up) without it you can’t use the Apple Watch or the Discovery App
  • You need to be on Discovery Vitality
  • You need to have a Discovery Credit Card

Without all of the above, you will not be able to apply for the deal!

So once you have the above three NB’s in order, you need to do the following

  • Download the Discovery App, and activate Vitality Rewards (Menu, Vitality, Vitality Active Rewards)
  • At the bottom of that page is an option called Apple Watch (Activate Now)
    Read through the Need to know portions and then click Get Started.
  • From here you will be taken through the steps to pay the R350 activation fee and then give you a proof of payment, which you can then take to your closest iStore to pick up your Apple Watch
  • The watch is the Apple Watch Sport 38mm, but you can pay in the difference should you want an upgraded version (I have the 42mm, and I love it)
  • If you don’t meet your targets in a month (which I can promise, really isn’t that hard!!) you will still need to pay R245.79 per month over 24 months (which comes to R5899, which is the price of the Apple Watch anyways)

Need To know

All in all a great deal I think, even if you were looking to buy an Apple Watch, this is an easy way to subsidiesĀ it.