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King Price Insurance – The “King’s Car” Insurance

A year ago I decided to sell my old Yaris as it was collecting dust while I was commuting to Jozi every 2nd week. Due to a few changes, I had the opportunity to purchase a car towards the end of last year.

One of the biggest “missions” with buying a new car is getting insurance sorted before you can take delivery of the car. I hate shopping around and really just want to go with the easiest option out there, and of course the most affordable.

Some of these insurance companies offer all sorts of deals to help you get cheaper monthly payments. “Drive slower and we’ll give you points cause you healthy”, “Call us in 4 years’ time and we will pay a bonus, but ONLY if you don’t claim”.

But then I came across the rather interesting offer from King Price Insurance. After doing some digging, I found out they actually end up decreasing your premiums every single month you are insured with them! That’s correct, as an example, every month your insurance premium decreases by R8 a month.

But if you do the math its:

Month 1: R8

Month 2: R8 + R8

Month 3: R8 + R8 + R8

The calculation is roughly multiplying the first decrease by 72 to get the total savings per year. Times that by 4 and you will see how it compares to an outbonus for example – but you can’t lose it.
(The R8 per month is an example based on the value of your premiums)

If you in the market for car insurance (and I know of a few people reading this who are buying new cars soon :)) I would highly recommend taking a look at King Price!!