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Awesome iOS Apps: BlackBox

It’s been a while since I have reviewed any cool iOS apps, and I really want to start doing it again. So here is there first one ;)

I came across this awesome iOS puzzle game the other day called Blackbox. The game literally makes you thinking outside the box when using your device.


But the catch is that ALL the puzzles require absolutely no touching on the screen. All the puzzles are solved using various hardware features on the phone. So as an example using the volume buttons or changing the brightness will solve the puzzles. It also uses a clever way to gain hints using your social platforms to allow other players of the game to help you along.

This is definitely one of the harder puzzle games I have played in a while. You WILL be frustrated with this game, but it is so clever that when you figure out the puzzle, you will probably kick yourself.

The app is FREE on the appstore and you can purchase hints and extended packs, but play the free version first to get a hang of it and frustrate yourself :)

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