Review: Xiaomi Mi5 (With Review Video)

So earlier this year I had the opportunity to review the awesome Xiaomi Mi4 device, which I was very impressed with. So when I heard the Mi5 had landed in South Africa, I got in touch with the team and asked them if I could take it for a spin.

I tried something a bit different this time round and did a little intro video/unboxing/First Impressions video of the Mi5. Check it out below and then I will carry on with the rest of the written review.
PS. This is first attempt, so would love to hear your thoughts by commenting on the YouTube video. Also please subscribe to my channel for more videos like this coming soon!!

Once again, I was not disappointed with the Mi5. It almost feels, as it should, like the big brother version of the Mi4. The phone has “grown up” with a larger device, a better 5.15″ Full HD screen and a few extra features. One of the most notable additions is the new hardware home button/finger print sensor. That was one of the things missing on the Mi4, so I am glad they have introduced it on this model. Also included on this model is the ability to run Dual Sim, allowing you the flexibility to choose your network provider for your calls & data.

The phone sports a Quad Core Max 1.8GHz CPU, with 3GB Ram & 32GB internal Memory. It’s great to see the latest version of the Android OS, Android 6 Marshmallow, as the stock OS, which includes a number of awesome new features.

Another new addition, which makes life a whole LOT easier is the new USB-C port, which allows you to plug-in your USB cable into the phone anyway. No more guessing which way the cable has to go in when it’s dark! The camera has also got a fantastic upgrade to a full 13MP camera, with 4 axis image stabilizer, on the back and a decent 4MP selfie camera on the front.

Overall the Mi5 is a genuinely great device, and priced at R7999, available from, and from Makro, DionWired, Game, Takealot and Incredible Connection, it comes in a lot cheaper than devices of similar stature. You can also get the phone on Contract through Vodacom on the U Choose Flexi package at R399 a month. For the full specs and more info about the Mi5 visit