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iStore Selling Phantom Drones & Accessories in South Africa

Great news!!! The guys at iStore have started stocking the DJI Phantom range of drones in a couple of their South African stores.

Having recently got a DJI Phantom 4, I know this will definitely change the market of consumer drones in South Africa. The prices may seem quite high, but you have to remember you are buying a hi-resolution 4K camera, which you would probably pay the same price for in a DSLR (if not more) And, this one flies!

13717313_1166658643376748_6822081862648098508_oThe iStore is stocking the following DJI Products at the moment. I believe the range may grow as demand increases

If you looking for a drone to get into the awesome world of aerial photography, I would highly recommend the DJI Phantom range. They are seriously world class!!