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GoPro Launches Karma Drone & new Hero 5 & Session 5 Camera’s

I’ve never really followed the new releases from Go-Pro, but when I heard they were launching a Drone, I decided to watch the live stream tonight.

First up they announced the brand new GoPro Hero 5 camera, which is fully waterproof out the box, sports touch screen controls and voice control. I must admit, the video they showed during the press event looked awesome, and controlling the GoPro with your voice will make things a lot easier!


They also announced a new GoPro Hero5 Session camera, which is a smaller version of the camera, and also now shoots in 4K. Both of these camera’s look awesome, so I am definitely keen to check them out when they land in South Africa!


But, I, like many others, was waiting to see what they had up their sleeves with regards to the Drone. And wow, I was pretty impressed. I really think the GoPro Karma is going to give the Phantom a run for it’s money, especially cause it is already a bit cheaper.


The GoPro Karma offers not only a fully functional Drone, but you can also slide out the Gimble stabiliser and attach it to an included grip allowing you to use it manually on the ground.


Although the pricing has been released for the US versions of the camera’s and Drones, we might have to wait a little while till we see these in South Africa, and with a bit of a markup. I know I’m definitely keen to check them out!