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Chipolo – Finding all the lost stuff!! (Giveaway)

I came across a new little gadget this week called Chipolo. I honestly think this thing is going to save my life.

As someone who is ALWAYS misplacing their stuff, from wallets to my keys, to my phone and even sometimes my mind, I have always wanted something to tell me where I put my lost items, and this does the trick!

The Chipolo tag is a small tag (35mm wide & 5mm thick) that can fit in almost anywhere and comes in a variety of 9 different colours. The tag connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device and allows you to “ring” it from the device using a dedicated Chipolo app (iOS App & Android App) . Similarly, you can also shake the Chipolo to find your phone. Because it uses Bluetooth the max distance you can ring the Chipolo from is 60m, which is a pretty fair distance if you trying to find something around the house.

But the best part about this cool little device is that it also works “inside a community” So what this means is, if you misplace your wallet, which has a Chipolo attached to it, at a shopping centre for example, you can mark it as “Lost” from inside the app. If anyone else who has a Chipolo walks past it, the 2 connect and it can send you a notification and email to tell you exactly where it is. Amazing!!

I have only had mine for about 24 hours and I have already had to use it once to find my wallet. It is small enough to pop inside the coin pouch and doesn’t add any extra weight.

The cost of the Chipolo tag is R399 and it comes with an extra battery as well (batteries last about 6 months or so) You can buy it online in SA from the iStore online store and they also available in iStores.

Because I love this little gadget so much, I have decided to give one away. Follow the steps below in the Gleam giveaway, and we will select a winner on Friday 7th October. Shipping free to anywhere in SA. There are a 6 different ways you can enter including liking my new Facebook iGuy Page or even subscribing to my YouTube channel I recently setup.

Chipolo Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write about the Chipolo Tag. I was given one as a gift from the good people at Above & Beyond distributors. The Chipolo in the giveaway is not a sponsored prize, it was purchased to give away in this competition :)