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UberEats Launches in Johannesburg

After proving to be a huge success in a number of cities around the world, Uber Eats has finally launched in South Africa, and in Johannesburg specifically as it’s first city.

Uber Eats works in a similar way to Uber, except here, you don’t request a car, you request food :) The app is a separate which you download, log in with your existing Uber credentials, and if you are in the specified radius of the restaurant, you can order from some really cool restaurants. The “delivery fee” is R20, which is pretty reasonable I think.

Current delivery radius

Below is a list of some of the Resturants who have signed up in Johannesburg. I am seriously impressed by the number of places, and the quality of the places to start with.

Adega Polpetta
BGR Primi Piatti
Bistro Michel Red Chilli Spice
Cafe del Sol Rim & Rubber
Casalottis Saigon
Corner Café Satori
Cornuti Spiceburg
Croft & Co Taste of Punjab
Ghazal Tei Avon
JB’s Corner The Artisan
Knead Bakery The Countess
Krunch The Local Grill
Mexican Fresh The Patisserie
Momo Baohaus The Raj
One Juice The Wolfpack
Pablo Eggs Go Bar Warm & Glad
Paul’s Home Made Ice-Cream


It sounds like Uber Eats will be rolling out in Cape Town very soon, and hopefully, we will get to see it in Durban one day as well :)

You can also get R100 off your first order if you use the promo code “uberiguy” when signing up for Uber or UberEats

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