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How to add GIF Images to your Whatsapp conversation on iOS & Android

The team at Whatsapp released an update this week for iOS  & Android which now includes the ability to send GIF images in your messages. This has probably been one of the most requested features for the Whatsapp app for a while now!

If you don’t know what a GIF is, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen one of those silly looking silent video’s of cats somewhere on the internet, much like the image below…

To insert GIF’s into your Whatsapp messages follow the steps below:

1. Download a GIF enabled keyboard for iOS or Android. My favorite is Tenor GIF keyboard (iOS or Android) or GBoard Keyboard for iOS

2. Once installed, open the keyboard and select your GIF.


3. You then need to “paste” the GIF into your conversation, which will then show up on the other person’s phone.


The process is pretty much like typing out any message or sending a photo or video, so very simple. The one thing to consider is GIF’s are a bit larger in size, so I would recommend turning off your “Save Incoming Media” on Whatsapp. I also suppose Group chats may become annoying with people sending unnecessary GIFs, but hopefully Whatsapp give an option in later editions to turn this option off :)

Have fun with some cool GIFS :)