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How to create a Facebook 360 Pano photo using a DJI Drone

One of the best things about the DJI Phantom 4 for me is the ability to do some really cool Aerial Panos. I have always been fascinated with aerial photography and Panoramic photos.

This is one of my most recent Panos we did at Inanda Dam earlier this year
[pano file=”panoramas/inanda/export.htm”]

So I decided to put together a few resources on how to get the best Pano

Apps: Dronepan or Litchi for the DJI Phantom 4
PSD Template: – this PSD has the EXIF data needed to upload to Facebook to make it show 100% correctly as a 360 Pano
Sotware: MS ICE or PTGui
WordPress Plugin:

This video by Ricky DuNorth takes you through how to get the perfect Pano ready for Facebook. (Thanks Ricky, this an awesome tutuorial!)

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