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What are Fidget Spinners and why are they the craze!!

If you have kids between the ages of 5-25 (or even 45 :)) you may or may not have heard of Fidget Spinners. They are they new craze and kids are going crazy for them.

Essentially Fidget spinners are moulded plastic or metallic devices that have bearings in them, and you then spin them. The fun comes in when there are a whole bunch of tricks that you can do as well. Think back to the Yo-Yo in 87, and you on the same path.

After my kids continue to nag me for days, I eventually got them one and loved the concept. And so, Fidgety, an online Fidget Spinner shop, was born. I have been sourcing stock from a number of people and going to keep adding some of the coolest spinners around. We already have stock of the awesome LED Fidget Spinners, as well as the Tri Fidget Spinners.

I have seen a couple of really cool videos online with guys doing tricks, so will post those on the Fidget Spinners Tips & Tricks page, as well as on our Facebook page.

We offer overnight courier (to major centres) around South Africa for R100, or if you stay in the Durban/Ballito area, you are welcome to collect from us.

Keep watching, cause I suspect this craze is only get bigger and bigger!!