SACrypto – South African Crypto Community

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. I previously wrote in January about “How To Buy Bitcoin in South Africa” and since then I’ve learnt so much.

There are so many different Crypto currencies out there, and each one has a different objective. I’ve learnt how to do some trading, buy some really bizarre coins, and make an extra little bit of cash. The key to this all is to keep learning about what is happening in Crypto Land. Every day something new comes along and can change the face of Crypto quickly.

A few months ago a friend of mine chatted to me about a community he was wanting to setup in South Africa called SACrypto. The community would be the leading Crypto community in South Africa, where people freely share knowledge & insight into what they had been learning. So we started growing the community with a couple of other guys, and am really proud of how the community and platform has grown in the last few months.

We have 3 different communities all based on instant messaging platforms, as well as a Facebook Group. We have  a general Crypto Whatsapp group which allows everyone from newbie to expert to join in and learn more about Crypto. This group has proved valuable especially for people just starting out in Crypto and getting lost in some of the jargon.

We also have a growing community of South African Crypto Mining enthusiasts. This group, also on Whatsapp, shares so much knowledge about mining Crypto and what to mine and what hardware to mine with. Admittedly, some of this stuff is a bit over my head, but these guys genuinely know what they talking about. If you into Crypto Mining, this is the place to be!

Then finally, we have the awesome South African Crypto Traders group. We recently had to move this group over to the Telegram platform, as we had reached our max capacity on Whatsapp and people were begging us to join. This group has a LOT of clever people in it. A lot of the people in the group have made some good money, just by following the calls in this group. I have enjoyed been a part of this specific group, as I have personally learnt so much!

So, if you are interested in anything about Bitcoin, Ethereum or anything Crypto, this is the place to be!

You can join the groups here

SA Crypto Chat

SA Crypto Mining Chat

SA Crypto Traders Chat (Telegram)

SA Crypto Facebook Group

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