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How to buy WAVES Platform Coin in South Africa

I’ve been looking at the WAVES Platform for a while now. In a nutshell, WAVES is a decentralised platform where you can create your own crypto token, and it has it’s own decentralised exchange (WAVES Dex) launching VERY soon! This means you can have your own cryptocurrency and have an exchange to let people trade it on! It is also currently ranked 22nd on Coinmarketcap. They also seem to have quite a lot of stuff in the pipeline in the next couple of months

How does WAVES work ?


You can use & store WAVES in a number of different ways.

There are also a number of exchnages which allow you to purchase WAVES, and trade with it. My suggestion is to look at Bittrex. You can easily buy Bitcoin on Luno, and then transfer it to your Bittrex account ,which then allows you to trade and purchase WAVES. There is talk of the guys at the Binance Exchange will also be adding sometime in the near future EDIT: Binance have recently added WAVES as a coin to purchase. Great news!! And the volumes are also great!!

You can also use a number of other instant buy & sell options to buy WAVES

Changelly allows you to purchase using your VISA or Mastercard directly on the platform. You will need a WAVES address which you can get from one of the wallets above

You can also buy WAVES directly on or thorough I prefer using Changelly though as the exchange rates are much better.

Another way is to buy WAVES directly on the decentralised Exchange –

WAVES is often compared to ETH but I still think it has a long way to go, but it has loads of potential. Keep your eyes on WAVES

Waves vs. Ethereum

For more info on WAVES check out some of their resources