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Mindgame Escape Umhlanga Review

Last week Saturday we were invited by the the team from Mindgame Escape in Umhlanga to join them for the opportunity to try and “escape” from one of their escape rooms. Escape Rooms is a physical adventure where you have to solve puzzles, and clues in order to work your way out of the room, usually within a pre-determined time limit.

This has to honestly be one of the most fun afternoons out that I have had in a REALLY long time. Being a parent we often are restricted to just doing what the kids want to do. So when I asked a few of our friends if they were keen for something different, everyone jumped at the opportunity.

When we arrived, we were met by Monique, who took us through a quick 2 minute video on what Mindgame Escape is all about. We had decided to do the Sherlock Holmes Baker Street mystery, where we needed to find out who the “murderer” was.

Essentially, you are locked in a room with an hour to escape using a whole bunch of clues, riddles & locks. Without giving too much away, the thought that went into some of the clues was amazing. We don’t often think to look in the simple places for the most obvious things, and that’s really how your mind should work at Mindgame Escape. You are also allowed to call for hints at anytime, which will help with solving the clues.

We finally made it out at 56:29, so literally with a few minutes to spare. Apparently only around 35% of people make it out. The record for that specific room was broken on the same day at 46 minutes!!

All of our friends that were with us, really enjoyed the experience. We literally couldn’t stop talking about it, and what we could have done differently.

The pricing of Mindgame Escape varies from R250pp (for 2 people) to R200pp (for 6 people) and is well well worth it. You can also book your slot online at and also check out more info about the rooms and about the whole concept. Once again, this is a highly recommended if you feel like doing something different and giving your brain a bit of a workout!

Disclaimer: Mindgame Escape invited us to join them to try out one of their escape rooms. I was not asked to blog or talk about it, but it was honestly so amazing, I can’t stop. I know we’ll all definitely be back for the Houdini room very, very soon!