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I’m going on an (AWESOME) adventure… Hello Put Foot Rally 2018

Towards the middle of last year, 2 of my mates came to me and said “We’ve booked our tickets to go on Put Foot Rally 2018, and you coming with”
Naturally, the answer was YES. I had heard about Put Foot Rally when it first started and Mike Sharman went on it. I knew that one day it was something I HAD to do, but didn’t ever plan it. Until last year :) And Team 22 Bosfark was born

So next week Friday, the 15th June, we embark on this amazing journey. The event start on the 16th in Melkbos with a huge registration party, before teams leave the next morning bright and early to get to their first destination.
The beauty of Put Foot is that you don’t have to follow a specific route, and it’s up to you to get to the next checkpoint in each country.

The countries that you visit are Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi & Mozambique. (Our semi-planned route is here) All over an 18 day drive through Southern Africa.

The highlight of the trip being the checkpoint in Zambia where we will be donating over 2000 pairs of school shoes to kids in Zambia. Each team (this year there are 16 teams!!!) had to raise funds to get the shoes specially made from a company in South Africa.

We decided from the start we wanted to enter the vintage class, which as to be a car from before 1994. After checking out a couple of cars, we came across an awesome 1984 230E Mercedes Benz, which was in a great condition and price. We purchased it on the spot, and had our chariot sorted.

After many months of planning, getting th car sorted, getting a roof rack made, we are 10 days away from hitting the road.
You will be able to track us live on the Put Foot Rally website – and we will also be documenting our journey on our Instagram Page (@BosFarkPutFoot) as well as Facebook

I’ll also do a full blog post once we have done our trip (who knows might even do 1 or 2 while we on the road)

So looking forward to this…