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What happened to Find My Friends app in iOS13?

Since iOS13 dropped a few days ago, one of the questions I have been asked a couple of times is “What happened to the Find My Friends app?”

If you haven’t used Find My Friends before, then you probably wouldn’t even notice that the app is completely missing. I use the app quiet frequently to keep tabs of my kids when they out and also when I am travelling and my wife is out in the evenings with the kids. It really is a very handy tool!

Image result for find my iphone ios 13However, if you use it to track family and friends then you will now find it combined into the “Find My” app. This used to be called “Find My iPhone” which can locate most of your Apple devices (including AirPods!!) The app icon also got a bit of a redesign, hence you may not know immediately where to find that either.

The app is now broken into 2 separate screens, People & Devices.

Not sure what Apple’s thinking was about merging these 2 apps into 1, but it did end up taking me a couple of minutes to figure this one out!