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This is a collection of links that I have put together for commonly asked questions. This list will be continually updated and is by no means completed

Where can I buy Bitcoin in South Africa?


How to buy xxx AltCoins?

Blog Post – Buy altcoins in South Africa

When transferring to international exchanges that don’t accept ZAR deposits, you can send BTC or ETH to most exchanges. Generally it is better to send ETH as it is much quicker to send and also a lot cheaper.

International Exchanges

Binance – Multiple altcoins, and growing volume. My favorite exchange
Bittrex – One of the bigger exchanges with loads of coins, but has had some issues in the past
Poloinex – This is the first international exchange I used and is really simple to use. Not a massive selection of coins.
Kucoin – Newish exchange with some coins that aren’t available on other exchnages
Coinbase – One of the biggest Crypto exchanges worldwide


Exodus – Supports a number of different coins
Electrum – Allows you to specify your transaction fees. BTC only
Jaxx – Sync over multiple devices
MyEtherWallet – Secure Ethereum and ECR20 token wallet

Tools – Great overview of all coins and ranked by their marketcap – Site view stats of the Bitcoin network
Tradingview – One of the best platforms for trading graphs and tools, and intergrates with most of the bigger exchanges


Blockfolio – iOS App


Free Udemy Course – Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto


Authy –  Authy is fantastic for 2FA authentication


Blockchain: Massively Simplified | Richie Etwaru | TEDxMorristown

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