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Keep up with your Facebook Friends Status with RSS

September 17, 2008 |

One of the cool things about Facebook is you are able to see your friend status updates, when you log in. If you use RSS, you can also subscribe to their Status Updates, so they appear in your RSS reader … Read More

Cliff – Fake – Jennings

August 30, 2007 |

It would seem my previous post about Cliff Jennings should be taken with a pinch of salt. According to a fellow South African blogger Bruinman, it turns out Cliff is just a good act by actor Eduan Van Jaarsveldt . … Read More

Cliff Jennings – Clever Self Marketing

August 28, 2007 |

If you been watching the latest South African series of Idols, you would have by now noticed a character that keeps popping up. A guy by the name of Cliff Jennings has featured on every single show, and what … Read More

Facebook Lifehack – No More Facebook Applications

August 24, 2007 |

I know I have been posting a lot of Facebook shit lately, but I came across a handy new feature that makes me very happy. After last week’s rant about Facebook apps, I have found quick and easy way to … Read More

Survivors banned from Facebook

August 23, 2007 |

Last night saw the first episode of the popular reality series Survivor South Africa start in South Africa. In what I think is a bit of a bizare twist, according to this article, M-Net & the producers of the … Read More

67 ways to waste more time

August 17, 2007 |

Over the last 2 months, I have been avoiding all the invites to the “cool” applications on Facebook. All 67 of them.

Facebook really should have an option, that allows you to block any invites to applications. … Read More

Facebook Source Code leaked

August 12, 2007 |

A recent story on TechCrunch reveals how a small number of Facebook users were exposed to Facebook’s code over the weekend. Someone who was exposed to this glitch has posted it on a Blogger blog (, for the world … Read More