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South African GPS Navigational iPhone Apps

Earlier this year when Apple hosted WWDC one of the apps that was featured during the Keynote was the TomTom navigational app. Everyone was wowed by the app and what it could offer users as opposed to a separate GPS device in your car. You now had the opportunity for an all in 1 Device. […]

Google Maps Driving Directions now in SA

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. Google has added driving directions for South African users, which now allow us to get directions free of charge using the Google maps engine. Google maps driving directions can be used on both the website, as well as the iPhone Maps app. Here is an […]

Google Maps South Africa gets an update

It looks like the boys & girls at Google, have been busy updating the road names in South Africa. The map data on Google Maps has had a significant update, and you  can now also search on Google Maps for any road names in South Africa. There aren’t any driving directions just yet, but I’m […]