QR Code

Top 5 iPhone QR Code Apps

I have been doing a bit of research around QR Codes in South Africa, and they are definitely on the rise. There is so much potential for them, especially in SA, where most people have a cellphone, and although I am only looking at iPhones in this post, a lot of cellphones are starting to […]


2 awesome chrome extensions out of Durbs

The boys in Durbs are at it again. This time, we have (what I think is the first) chrome extensions out of South Africa, and this time they straight out of Durbs :) Firstly my izimvo buddy, Shaun Trennery, whipped up a fantastic Google Chrome extension called ZA Weather. The extension shows you the weekly […]

Google Maps gets easier

Before if you wanted to add a google map to a website or a blog, you needed to have a little programming knowledge in Javascript and had to apply for an API key to get it to work. Now Google maps has made it easier to add a map to a website or blog. This […]