QR Code

Top 5 iPhone QR Code Apps

I have been doing a bit of research around QR Codes in South Africa, and they are definitely on the rise. There is so much potential for them, especially in SA, where most people have a cellphone, and although I am only looking at iPhones in this post, a lot of cellphones are starting to […]


Google brings QR codes to the world

I have always been a huge fan of QR codes. There is so much potential in the value that they offer, and that allows you share information about a product/place/person, in fact anything, with a simple image. Google have seen the opportunity in QR codes and have started offering US businesses that are listed on […]

Making QR Codes smaller

I have always been a HUGE fan of QR codes, and there is so much potential in them. I still think they will become part of our daily lives in the future as it allows us to display loads of information in a small image, using our cellphones to display the info. I have just […]