Make the Circle Beega Video

I came across the video of the very catchy song at the moment by South African Rapper JR called “Make the Circle Beega”.The video is from the guys at Times Live, and is an Ayoba South African production


Cutting Jade – Go Your Own Way

For those of you who know me, know that I am a huge Cutting Jade groupie roadie fan :) I have known the guys for about the last 13 years, and when I stayed in GP, I used to go out with them to loads of gigs. They had a huge smash hit with 10 […]

Don’t Panic – Alan Knott-Craig

I was browsing around my local Fascination books earlier this week, trying to look for a book to keep me occupied while being beaten down by the “Internet flu” that seems to be doing the rounds. And then I picked a book called “Don’t Panic” by Alan Knott Craig Jr., the MD if IBurst. Many […]