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Toyota Auris |

A golden “Toyota Auris” day out

August 8, 2007 | 11


Auris: \ awe-ris \ “From Latin comes the word ‘Aurum’ meaning gold.”

And what a golden 2 days it was. Toyota have developed a brand new vehicle, which is totally resigned “from the inside out”, keeping the driver & passengers in mind. The bridged centre console and raised gear platform have increased space and created a “airplane” feel to the interior. The exterior has also been remodelled, keeping in line with the new distinctive Toyota look, with a wrap around nose and headlamps.

The Toyota Auris will be geared towards to the 30-something crowd, who prefer a sporty looking car, with loads of power. Safety is of utmost importance, and the car has received a full 5 star N-Cap rating, keeping in line with European safety standards. Toyota have also also started breaking away from the traditional media advertising, by setting up an interactive website, and a blog centred around the development of the car.

Read on for the whole story behind our 2 day Auris experience…

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