Bear Grylls is a Fake !!

via This video shows how Bear Grylls jumps over a huge canyon, in some remote area, which turns out is only about 100m away from a highway in the US. Bear Grylls is a FAKE Posted via web from Marc’s posterous

Power Of 10 – M-Net Game Show

I have just finished watching M-Nets latest game show called “The Power of 10”. The show, hosted by Mark Pilgrim, allows contestants to win up to R10,000,000. The show is pretty random in the fact that contestants have to guess the percentage of a responses of a question. For example a question in today’s show […]

Biggest Loser South Africa Winner

Sharon Haarhoff was annouced South Africa’s Biggest looser on Monday night. Sharon Lost a staggering 45.74% of her body weight. When the show started a few months ago, Sharon weighed in at 135.1kgs, and ended up on 73.3kgs. Well done to all the other contestants, who all lost a LOT of weight. For more information […]